Sensei Gregory C. Lewis' Resume.

To teach adults and children effective self-defense concepts, ideas, and techniques.

Outstanding customer service
CPR, First Aid, AED certified
Black Belt Instructor certified
Commitment to ongoing personal and professional development
Extensive martial arts and sports performance background

Work Experience
7/93 – 12/15. Nightclub Security/Door Staff; Seattle, WA
2/08 – 6/16. Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor; Seattle, WA.
7/07 – Present. Founder and Chief Certified Instructor. 21st Century Martial Arts. Seattle, WA.  

Formal Education/Certifications
Ashmead College; Fitness Trainer Certificate Program; 2002-2003. Seattle, WA.
Kenzen Karate (formerly Enshin Karate); 2001- 2008. Seattle, WA.
AMC Kickboxing; 1993-1998; Edmonds (and later Kirkland), WA.
Traditional Taekwondo; 1983 –1994; Seattle, WA.
Bob Dekker’s USA Boxing; 1978-1981; Seattle, WA.

Continuing Education Courses
IMA Wing Chun Kung-Fu; 1997-99. Seattle, WA.
Brazilian Jujitsu (Marcello Alonso); 2002-2004. Seattle, WA.
PREPARE Portland; 2006. Portland, OR.
Blauer Tactical/S.P.E.A.R. System; 2008, Virginia Beach, VA.
Brazilian Jujitsu (Gracie Barra); 2005- 2008. Seattle, WA.
De-Escalation Training (Martin Reinsel, MA, LMHC); 2019. Seattle,WA 
Brazilian Jujitsu Essentials Workshop (Phil Kleffner; MKG Martial Arts); 2019. Seattle, WA

Black Belt Graduates Taught Directly By Sensei Lewis (* - indicates Certified Instructors)

Joseph Ball. Portland, OR.
Andrew Su. Vancouver, WA.
April Santa Ana*. Oakland, CA.
Martin "Marty" Cobb. Richmond, VA. (Honorary

Brenden Ng*. New York City, NY.

Available upon request.

Updated September, 2019.

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