Ask Your Sensei. Modern Karate FAQ (Pt 1).

What makes this style of karate "different"?

We are a modern, yet traditional karate school. We like the aesthetic of traditional Japanese full-contact/bare-knuckle/knockdown karate: courteous and friendly training partners from all walks of life gathering together in fresh, clean, bleached white uniforms; in a simple, spotless, safe, training space.

However, unlike many classical, traditional karate schools, and even many sport-fighting gyms, we prepare students specifically to survive violent encounters, as they actually happen, in the 21st century. 
This modern, traditional karate is taught in such a way, so as to help students instill muscle-memory, improve situational awareness, and manage the effects of the adrenaline ('fight or flight) response. This training includes re-enactments of actual incidents we have studied, taken from police reports, news stories, court documents, video footage, and eyewitness accounts.

We also teach the most up-to-date fitness, psych…