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Meet Our Newest [Honorary] Black Belt: Martin "Marty" Cobb (2006-2014). May He Rest In Power.


(Richmond, VA.) Police officers were called to the 200 block of Brandon Road at approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 1st, 2014 for a report of an assault, and found two juveniles under the age of 13 who had been assaulted.
Martin Cobb, age 8, of the 200 block of Brandon Road, died at the scene and the second juvenile was taken to the hospital for treatment.  

Richmond Police arrested a 16-year-old male in connection with the homicide and attack. He was charged with murder and strangulation.

Learn more about this brave young hero by clicking here.

Blood, Sweat, Tears, Time, and Treasure: This Is What It Takes To Get Your Black Belt.

My journey in martial arts started in 1978 when I was 7 years old and my mom first walked me into an after school boxing program in the basement of my elementary school, run by Bob Dekker.

I would go on to spend my junior high and high school years studying Taekwon-do under Master Nhumey Tropp; another 3 years studying Kickboxing under Coach Haru Shinimanishi and WKA world heavy-weight kickboxing champion (and two-time UFC champion) Maurice Smith; another year of Wing Chun with Mark Haggerty (who had studied Tsun-Jo Wing Chun with John Beall. He studied under James DeMile and Ed Hart; and both of them studied under Bruce Lee) for many years, and his friend, a Chinese exchange student [whose name escapes me--sorry] who studied traditional Wing Chun under William Chung (a student of Yip Man; Man was also Bruce Lee's instructor).

I then found Sensei Vernon Owens, who at that time was the highest ranked black belt internationally in Joko Ninomiya's Enshin Karate.  I also spent many …