Our Karate is NOT a Sport: Scenario: Violent Robbery. Oakland, CA. 4-6-2019.

Part 1. On Sat my wife was assaulted and robbed on her way home in Oakland as she waited for Uber. Two men jumped her and punched her and robbed her for her purse. They took our address from her license and broke in our building.

Fortunately I was waiting for my wife at our apartment building as she had my house keys.

Part 2. I was in the laundry room waiting when I heard someone opening our apartment door, when I stepped out and seen there was a African American male in possession of my wife’s keys I immediately took charge and starting lighting him up slamming him against our door. The other two men immediately took off as I continued to fight and chase the other one who I caught trying to break in my apartment.

 My dog did his due diligence and bit and chased all the 3 dudes with me. As I grabbed and continue to hit one of them he slipped out his sweater and hat and jumped in the waiting vehicle with the other two men. My dog continued to chase them with me until they try to run him over and I had to grab him out of the way before he got hit.